The involvement and investment of our alumni is critical to the continued excellence of our chapter at WPI.

By investing in KAP, you make an impact on the fraternity experience of today's brothers.

Alumni donations are most often used for major renovation and maintenance projects.

Your annual gift ensures that the William R. Grogan Chapter House remains a safe and comfortable living-learning environment for today's brothers.

Alumni donations are especially important to our chapter, as it strives to remain a moderately-sized and thus close-knit brotherhood.  

KAP's recruitment philosophy prioritizes the selection and invitation of young men who have already demonstrated a commitment to academic success and campus leadership.

The consistent financial support of alumni ensures that the need to "fill beds" will never outweigh the importance of values-based recruitment decisions.

2017 Donor List

$15,870 raised

$1,000 +
Phil Ryan '65
Ron Zarrella ‘71
Nick Pelletier ‘09
Art Heinricher (advisor)

$500 - $999
Bud Madigan ‘53
Tom Gelormino ‘68
Lee Pelletier ‘78
John Kelly ‘82
John Dahill ‘86
Matt Runkle ‘11
Hashim Ismael ‘12
Adam Moreschi ‘14

$250 - $499
Bob Fitzgerald '53
Len Dutram '59
Mo Silvestris ‘64
James Dunne ‘68
Gary Sowyrda '78
Adam Wilbur ‘06
Charles Gammal '08
Chris Jeznach '10
Erik Oliver ‘12
Steve Berselli '13
Roman Gutierrez ‘15
Nick LaJeunesse ‘15
Andrew Kenyon ‘16


$100 - $249
Hugh Robinson ‘49
Brian Kelly '55
Dick Barlow ‘57
Bob Galligan '57
Lee Courtemanche '59
Frank Pakulski '59
Roger LaFontaine '60
Ray Dube ‘64
Tom Sokolowski '64
Charles Durkin '65
Joe Gracia '65
George Mitschang '65
Pat Moran '65
Pete Kudless '66
Jeffrey Hultman '68
Frank Verderber ‘68
Vincent Colonero '72
Jim Ferraris '74
Jim Rubino '74
Dan Kennefick '79
Dan Buckley '80
Mike Kelly ‘86
Rick Baruffi ‘14
Tommy Larkin ‘16
Joao Vasconcelos '16
John Mastroianni ‘17

$1 - $99
Jack Flynn ‘53
Robert Ruberti '61
John Salerno '63
Peter Tancredi ‘64
Bob Pleines '68
John Mangiagli '76
Joaquin Serrano '13

Give Now

Mail a check written to "Aquinas Association" to:
Aquinas Association
P.O. Box 244
Fiskdale, MA 01518

Make a gift to the PKT Endowment at WPI
Contact Adam Moreschi ( for more information on making gifts to the chapter's educational endowment at WPI

Gift are received by the chapter's housing corporation, The Aquinas Association, Inc. a 501(c)7 organiation.

Donations are not deductible as charitable contributions